Cleaning Your Glass

Unlike coated glass as youíll see in lenses there is no special handling involved with cleaning our Anti Newton Ring glass.

The Anti Newton Ring glass is manufactured in an acid etched process so you canít rub it off, and it canít be chemically damaged by typical cleaners.

We clean our glass with an ammonia free glass cleaner made by Sprayway, but good quality glass cleaner will do equally well.

Liberally coat both sides of the glass and wipe dry with a good quality paper towel.  We use Bounty since it seems to leave less lint.

Next use a lint free cloth to buff out any streaks.  We use Handiwipes (available at most grocery stores), but a photographic quality lint free cloth will work fine.

Then either brush each glass surface with an anti-static brush or blow off each surface with compressed air.

I printed for many years in a photo lab and everything went between glass with few dust problems.  The important issue to remember is to clean the glass and film then assemble them together as quickly as possible.  Also a good ionizing air cleaner in your darkroom or computer room will help immensely.