Scanning Glass Negatives

Glass negatives can be a problem when trying to scan them. The emulsions are very thin and if placed against smooth glass Newton Rings will likely appear.  This problem is easily solved. 

First designate an area on the scanner platen where the glass negative will be placed. Next put a negative in that area and mark the corners with any non permanent marker. Next place small lengths of clear tape diagonally at each corner just inside the corner mark.  Now when you place a glass negative the corners are sitting on each piece of tape.  This will slightly elevate the negative from the platen glass.  Since the glass negative doesn’t come into contact with the platen glass no Newton Rings can be formed.

You could also make a frame from opaque black acetate to eliminate cleaning tape from your platen.  Just cut the opening so that the corners are slightly chamfered and the glass negative will sit on a small bit of the acetate.

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