Focal Point Now Offers
Replacement Platen Glass
For All Models of
Creo/Scitex Scanners

     Following extensive testing, Focal Point is expanding itís line of high-quality replacement
 scanner glass to include Creo /Scitex EverSmart.

     Direct replacement glass for all models of the EverSmart Scanners is now available for worldwide delivery.

Priced at only $750 our product is a great alternative to the OEM equivalent, plus our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee assures that you receive the highest quality product available.  

We have plenty of inventory and can ship anywhere worldwide.

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Genesis Equipment Marketing Phoenix AZ. USA
ForEverSmarts Guston, KY. USA

Continue reading to see why you might need new glass for your scanner.


Creo/Scitex platen glass has to meet exacting standards in order
for these scanners to produce the highest quality digital images.

Turn over your glass and look for these signs:

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You'll notice that the left side of this glass is more yellow than the right.
This is the end were the scanner light source is "parked" when in standby mode. 
Exposure to light yellows and fades everything. 
Even the anti reflection coating is slightly faded and yellowed, though this may not be noticeable to the naked eye.

Comparison of well used glass and Focal Point Replacement.

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There are two important differences between older glass and a new replacement

1. Worn Butting Target- The butting target is that square saw tooth pattern in the calibration window.  Normal cleaning will ware off this pattern and make the glass unusable on the scanner. If you are receiving an error message upon scanner start up check this target.

     2. The White Balance Calibration Strip- This vinyl strip is used by your scanner to set a white light reference.  As the strip ages and yellows the white light reference in your software will drift and result in off color scans. The older strip on the right shows obvious yellowing.

Notice the obvious yellowing and fading of the silk screening. As mentioned above exposure to light fades and yellows everything, including the AR coating.

Micro Scratches

The anti-reflection coating on your platen glass is virtually the same as what is used on camera lenses. Photographers understand how delicate this coating can be. 

Scanner glass is specially treated to resist scratching but through time and regular cleaning micro scratches will begin to appear.  Though scratches are not easily apparent during normal inspection, view the glass with a top light and dark background, and they become apparent.


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